If you are reading here, this means you are a prospective employer and I have managed to get your attention. Thanks for being with me thus far. I hope, I can keep you interested.

Here, I want to give some more detail about myself.

Although, I have been writing as a part of my job and hobby since 2000, I am just beginning a long journey to be a freelance writer. For now, my priority is to build a portfolio of published work and establish a name. Then, I hope to start getting some compensation in the medium term and my ultimate goal is being able to earn a living from writing and design (more about this in a moment).

A CurIous Man, wIth a long lIst of Interests

My name is Emre Yalçın. I am 40 years-old and I live in Ankara/Turkey. I am married, with a 7 year-old daughter. I work for a major public institution related to economy.

I am a naturally curious person. For me, it is almost a daily habit to wonder about new things and do some research to learn about them. It can be either the Big Bang Theory or preserving vitamin C in orange juice, psychology of pet ownership, symptoms of depression, Thrilla in Manilla, the aftermath of Lincoln’s assasination, Japanese culture, Tunguskaya incident and so on (these are real-life examples)…

I have a deep interest in many areas and lucky enough to follow much of them as hobbies. An amateur artist, bass player in a rock band, a sportsman for healthy life and more… However, for the past two years, I have been putting my whole effort to design and I have reached a level that I can occasionally sell some of my stuff. You can see my work in my instagram profile @tasarbaz. My artistic side also enables me to create visual support, like infographics (link), photomanipulations or videos (see instagram.com/terapistapp ). 

AN EXPERIENCED WRITER wıth fluent englısh

I hope what you have read thus far is enough credential for my English. Still, I want to give some more details.

I had all my education since high school taught in English. By the way, my BSc is in Statistics and I have degrees of MBA in Finance and MA in Economics. I lived in the U.S. for two years, to get my master’s degrees from the University of Delaware, which made great contribution for my fluency in daily language. My 2015 TOEFL-IBT score is 112 out of 120.

Although, I have just started to look for freelance gigs, I consider myself as an experienced writer. My regular job description for the last 17 years, mainly consisted reading foreign resources about China and other topics in global economy and writing regular reports for my superiors, both in Turkish and English. On the other hand, I have written about motorsports (Formula1) and soccer (a series about the best goalkeepers of the 20th century) in two different websites between 2000-13, as a hobby.

Currently, I am managing and writing both for my personal blog about economics (nuridervis.com) and for my wife’s blog about psychology and mental health, which is connected to her start-up online counselling application (blog.terapistapp.com).

Thanks for your interest in me and for your patience reading thus far.

Hoping to work with you in the future.

Emre Yalçın


LInks to publIshed work

Here are my current and previous work published around the web. I am including all-Turkish sites for those, who wish to cross-check my experience.

nuridervis.com  (My personal site about China and other topics, under the pen-name Nuri Derviş. Includes English content)

blog.terapistapp.com  (The blog related to my wifes’ start-up online counselling application. All articles in Turkish, but I have translated some of my articles for this portfolio. Does not include any names of writers).

http://arsiv.batug.com/yalcinarsiv.htm (Articles about Formula1 racing series in the now-defunct site, All articles in Turkish).

http://ortakafagolblog.blogspot.com.tr/search/label/Emre%20Yal%C3%A7%C4%B1n   (Series of biographies of the greatest soccer goakeepers of the 20th century. All articles in Turkish. Intending to get it published as a book).